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As our vision for enhanced health care comes to life, follow with us as we keep our community updated on the status of our new medical building along with podcast episodes, education and employment opportunities and more!

Fall 2021

As our vision for enhanced healthcare comes to life, follow us as we keep our community updated on our journey. Haudenosaunee Health Services will continue with podcasts including guested from the healthcare field, updates on our social media platforms and our website.

“Let’s take this time to reflect on our health needs
and concerns for a healthy tomorrow”

2021 and 2022 have proven to be very challenging years for each of us as a result of a worldwide pandemic.  Our healthcare members have had the challenge of maintaining quality care while working under extremely difficult conditions.  Now if anytime, is the time to acknowledge and appreciate the essential healthcare workers and highlight their dedication to each of our health needs.  Haudenosaunee Health will continue with our Podcasts which will highlight these careers and medical professionals.  Through a collaboration, we will work with McMaster University and their Indigenous Learning Lodge to bring a parallel access to Six Nations; The H.I.L.L. on Six Nations.  The H.I.L.L. on Six Nations stands for the Health Indigenous Learning Link.  With the alignment of McMaster’s Indigenous Learning Lodge, we will provide exposure of health careers, along with support for those enrolled in a health program and encourage individuals to become enrolled in a health program.  Through supportive measures, we can guide students to a rewarding health career and develop a pathway to bring their skills home.

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Also, we would like to take this opportunity to
thank all of our front line workers in & around
our community for keeping all of us safe. From
the Physicians, Nurses, Police, Firefighters,
Paramedics, SN Health Services, White Pines Staff

& Gane Yohs Staff…..Nya:weh!


Haudenosaunee Health Services has taken this uncertain time to reflect and organize our pathway to our future goals. jheri We are even more determined to explore and introduce pathways to individuals interested in the health field. jheri This year our goals will be to focus on educational opportunities for our community members. jheri. Please stay tuned for new
podcasts with new guests. We would like to explore and introduce educational opportunities and a spotlight a variety of health care professions onto our website. jheri Please stay tuned and feel free to share your thoughts and input! jheri


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Haudenosaunee Health Services has aligned with our Primary Health Care Professionals, Dr. Amy Montour and Dr. Karen Hill, to nourish the growth of Indigenous Health Care Providers in our community… continue reading

Please join us in our journey to “Bringing Quality Healthcare Home”

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