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Haudenosaunee Health Services’ partners are guided by the vision to bringing essential Diagnostic Imaging Services to our community.  While this journey started out with the goal to bring these Diagnostic Services to Six Nations, we have also realized the need to promote and encourage those interested in the Health field while continuing with our vision. 

During these trying times of uncertainty, our Health service accessibility is more important than ever.  We will continue to find ways to promote, encourage and support our future Health Care Professionals through mentorship which will open the door of opportunity to have more Ohgwehoweh people in the health field.

We deserve to have accessible Health Services but most importantly we deserve to be treated with respect and dignity during our health journeys.  

Our sense of tradition and beliefs remain to be instilled not only in our everyday lives, but also during our healthcare journeys.  

With the intent to compliment our already existing Health Services in our community, we hope to collaborate and work with all to ensure our community has the best health opportunities available to our community.


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Meet the partners behind this project

“We have an abundance of highly skilled and trained health care professionals from our community, and by initiating a dialogue with each other, I truly believe we can join together and build a future for improved health care for Indigenous People”

Colleen Montour, MRT(MR)(R)

“I worked for 30 years in the health field and I am now looking forward to now bringing my leadership skills to assist our community in the research and potential expansion of our health services!”

Michelle Jonathan, MRT(N)


Haudenosaunee Health Services has aligned with our Primary Health Care Professionals, Dr. Amy Montour and Dr. Karen Hill, to nourish the growth of Indigenous Health Care Providers in our community… continue reading

Please join us in our journey to “Bringing Quality Healthcare Home”

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