Elizabeth Bradley

Registered Nurse

BScN Nursing, BA Kinesiology

What are the roles and responsibilities in your current position?

My roles and responsibilities as a nurse are vast. Nursing is a profession that has opportunities in every field imaginable. Depending on what field of nursing you choose the roles and responsibilities will change. I have been an acute care nurse since finishing school. I started my first nursing job the intensive care unit and have since changed directions to cardiology. In the hospital the nurse is at the centre of care with the patient. We are the individuals responsible for making sure the interdisciplinary team is involved and providing the best care possible for the patient. Nurses provide patient education, perform all the medication administration, coordinate with families and advocate for our patients.

What barriers did you have to overcome to succeed?

When I went into Kinesiology at Western University this was my first degree and I had full intentions of completing a Bachelor of Science. I had a few science courses in my first semester at university and struggled. I was barley getting a passing mark so for the rest of the semester I worked weekly with a touter and managed to pass. After this semester I decided to change pathways and complete a BA instead. I finished Kinesiology with great marks and continued on to nursing. When I entered nursing I was very intimidated by it being a very science based program. Instead of waiting for the first set of tests to gauge my understanding of the course content I worked with a touter proactively and was able pass and do very well in the nursing program. At Western University there is an excellent Indigenous resource centre. They are who provided me with a touter and got me through the difficult times throughout university.

What is your advice for healthcare students?

When you pursue higher education it is okay to start with one career path in mind and change paths as you grow. I started university in Kinesiology wanting to be a physiotherapist and ended up being an RN. Similarly, starting kinesiology with full intentions of completing a science degree and finishing with a bachelor of arts. There are many different professions in health care and it is all about finding which one you are passionate about. The road to becoming a healthcare provider is difficult and the health care system is challenging right now. It is important as a student to lean on your support systems to get you through school and to always take time to focus on your own health.

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