David Johnson

Registered Nurse


What are the roles and responsibilities in your current position?

My current role is Community Health Nurse at Public Health. I work with the entire population to find gaps in health care, specifically with the pandemic, finding ways to get the proper information out regarding vaccines and patient safety. I educate and provide resources to clients who are seeking answers for their health concerns. We as a team, have to be up to date with the changing healthcare landscape, and we work towards preventing hospital admissions that Covid has brought. Other responsibilities include, follow up with newborns and postpartum moms to provide resources that will assist them along their journey of motherhood as well as following the newborns’ development; ensuring they are up to date with their early childhood vaccines, and continue into their school years.

What barriers did you have to overcome to succeed?

The barriers for myself were learning how to study and write papers. I had learn everything on the fly but I sought out assistance through the services provided by the school which were really beneficial for my school performance. It was extremely difficult but I was determined to get my education and complete everything I put my mind to. High School may feel a certain way to some people but looking back I should have taken it more seriously because it gives you the opportunity to grow into a university student. The expectations in university are high and being prepared by taking more advanced class in high school will make your experience a little less stressful.

What is your advice for healthcare students?

My advice for healthcare students is to be prepared to make sacrifices. There will be times when your friends will want to go out but you have a paper to research or that huge anatomy textbook staring at you. Don’t be afraid to tell people no, because no one else will write your paper or magically gain the knowledge to pass those tests. There were many times I wanted to go out but I didn’t because I knew what was important to me and that was having a career that would provide me security. It’s a challenge to say no and be alone but when you master being alone, your productivity will be unstoppable. School is meant to be challenging, so make the necessary sacrifices to succeed these challenges. Embrace the challenge because when it’s all said and done, nothing will stand in your way of your dreams.

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