H.I.L.L on Six Nations

Haudenosaunee Health Services partners understand the importance of support and mentorship in one’s educational journey. This is the foundation of the “H.I.L.L. on Six nations”, which stands for the “Health Indigenous Learning Link”. Through the H.I.L.L. on Six Nations, we strive to introduce Indigenous students to the many different careers within the healthcare field. This introduction will hopefully open the door toward the opportunity into their desired field of choice. Once a career path is selected, we will continue to support and encourage the student through their entity of their education pathway.

With this mentorship program, we are not only supporting our future students, but also highlighting your accomplishments and milestones. We would like to show our pride with our Indigenous mentors by providing a platform to share your successful career journey.


During this difficult time for all of our students, HHS would like to reach out to our community health care workers that have the background in health science programs.  If you have studied through any health program, you can understand the importance of support & mentorship. If you can provide support of any form to assist our students studying health courses, we’d like your help!

To become a mentor please email info.haudenosauneehealth@gmail.com


Students enrolled or studying any health science program, whether it be Biology, Physics, Physiology or any other courses, in any normal circumstance this would be challenging, but to be learning on-line is even more challenging. We’d like to hear from you, as we are prepared to offer support through mentorship, tutoring through creative ways (zoom,etc)

Stay tuned as we compile health care mentors!

Please fill out this quick form so that we can add you to our list of mentors!


Haudenosaunee Health Services has aligned with our Primary Health Care Professionals, Dr. Amy Montour and Dr. Karen Hill, to nourish the growth of Indigenous Health Care Providers in our community… continue reading

Please join us in our journey to “Bringing Quality Healthcare Home”

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